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active incident. this was a concern, generalized statement that somebody made. but it was of concern. so our security office took the protocol that they were following, to contact police, work in partnership with police, and find the student and identify the student as quickly as possible. >> reporter: now, no gun was found. no one was injured. so far, no charges filed. but the investigation and tt questioning, that continues on. live in rockville, pat collins, news4. the commute home tonight could be challenging for thousands of people who use metro. the transit system is operating on a reduced schedule. jackie bensen joins us from friendship heights now. >> reporter: wendy, it's hard to tell at this point. metro did add some trains. a pre-scheduled move around 9:00 this morning. i think a lot of people are going to stagger their departure
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from work to avoid a repeat of this morning. in clarendon, there was frustration. d.c.-bound riders who had already experienced single tracking delays on the orange line between the vienna and church stations had to take a bus bridge from east falls church to the claren deny station, because the boston and other station ws are closed. all of it for trackwork. >> do you have to work today? >> yes, i do. that's where i'm on my way right now. >> are you going to be late? >> i don't know. i hope not. >> i'm supposed to go to the dentist. i guess i'm going to be late. >> reporter: these twitter pictures were sent by red line riders. they show pictures of crowded platforms where trains were being single tracked. >> i went down into the bethesda station this morning at 9:00 and there was many people leaving, going in. and when the train arrived it was packed. only a few people could get on.
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today there was clearly a real rewup. >> reporter: at the dreen belt station, passengers headed toward college station were not happy to hear about single tracking delays. add in a modified holiday schedule for metro buses, and it was delays all the way around. >> how long have you been waiting? >> a long time. >> reporter: as one person pointed out today, the track work, the delays are necessary. there's important safety work that metro has to do. it's frustrating for everyone. but we're told it will all end at the close of the system tonight. jackie bensen, news4. two people are dead after a tractor-trailer and truck collided here in frederick county this afternoon. one other was seriously injured. the vehicles crashed here at route 75, and ed mclean road in monrovia. the tractor-trailer overturned, spilling some of its cargo down a hill. get ready, we've got a major temperature change coming, and
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it's going down. it was in the 70s today, but that is going to change rather quickly. storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer is here with all the numbers for you. >> yeah, the numbers are going down. and you mentioned that, wendy. you'll wake up tomorrow morning and it will beompletely different air mass upon us. take a look outside right now. 67 degrees out at the airport. winds out of the south at 12 miles per hour. a very nice, a very comfortable afternoon. we saw some sunshine today and a high of 72 degrees. just beautiful. the radar picture showing a few showers right now out along the blue ridge. that's where they're going to remain. don't expect much in the way of rain throughout the evening. but back to the west, that's a cold front. notice in portions of ohio, into west virginia, some of that rain is on the heavier side. once again, we are seeing much colder air behind that cold front. some areas are seeing 30 to 40 degree differences from one day to the next. how about us, 67 right now in washington. but look back towards columbus,
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ohio. only 39 degrees. and rain there. that is not a very good afternoon. and that means for us, we're not going to see a very good morning tomorrow. we're talking about a very cold morning, a very rainy morning. tomorrow morning's rush hour, not going to be pretty. i'll talk to you about that, talk about what this storm will bring us, and break it down for you and show you what comes next. now to new developments in the scandal involving retired general david petraeus. keith russell is live with details on how the fbi stumbled into paula broadwell and their alleged affair in the first place. >> senior lawmakers are asking why the fbi knew about david petraeus' extramarital affair for so long before they were informed. now at least we know, as you said, how that alleged affair was uncovered. nbc news has learned that petraeus family friend joe kelley began receiving anonymous e-mails she viewed as menacing, from a source close to kelley who reviewed the e-mails. the first referred to kelley socializing with other generals
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in the tampa area and suggested her behavior was inappropriate and should stop. the fbi reportedly traced the e-mails back to paula broadwell and revealed the affair between the two. there were concerns that some of those e-mails contained information about the schedules of several high-level generals. that sparked concern that someone with access to sensitive or classified information was stalking kelly. senate intelligence committee woman said the information should have been shared. >> so it is very puzzling, and i think was a mistake, because this thing just came so fast and so hard. and since then, it's been like peeling an onion. every day another peel comes off and you see a whole new dimension to this. so my concern has actually escalated over the last few days. >> the source says kelley had never met broadwell and had no idea who she was.
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the source also tells nbc news that kelley is purely a social friend of the petraeus family. that's what we know from here. live in the newsroom, keith russell, news4. eleanor holmes norton spent the day trying to make certain that when the military displays the flag of the 50 states. tom sherwood is here with more on the attempts to right a small but symbolic wrong. >> it may seem like a small thing, but it's a matter of pride in your country. and pride in your hometown. tommy rut ger is an investigator for the d.c. fire department. her husband is a d.c. police sergeant and military veteran. they're both proud of their son, jonathan, who joined the navy last winter and graduated from great lakes training facility. they flew up to cheer him on. >> and i see him, and he is bursting with pride. i quickly realize that the baby i sent to the united states navy
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wasn't the same person. it was a man now. >> reporter: tommy rutger joined with norton monday at the d.c. world war i memorial on the mall to help right what they see as a wrong. each recruit graduate is introduced with his or her state flag flying. but there was no d.c. flag for jonathan. >> if you're from virginia or texas, that flag would come out and that family for that recruit would cheer and yell. but they went down the line, and i'm saying, this can't be. there was no flag for the district of columbia. there was no recognition for my son's service. >> reporter: she said she's asking president obama to signed a memorandum and the senate to agree to a house bill requiring the d.c. flag being included whenever the 50 state flags are used. she spoke of mrs. rutger. >> pain, even humiliation, any american family would feel. once and for all, we ask the president to wipe clean this
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disrespect. >> reporter: mrs. rutger emphasized to news4 that her son and his family loved the u.s. navy, and all it's done for him. >> i was one of those parents who didn't want my son to go in the military. mainly because of fear, not knowing. but i'm telling you, it's the best move he could have made. >> jonathan loves the navy so much, he's now working to apply to the naval academy. congresswoman norton said she'll help. wendy? >> tom sherwood, thank you. chopper 4 is on the scene of a warehouse fire in landover this afternoon, it started just before 3:00. it's a repair facility for taxi cabs. one worker was taken to the hospital with serious burns. nearly two weeks after superstorm sandy, more than 70,000 long island power authority customers are still in the dark and in the cold. protesters gathered at the utility headquarters this weekend. the power authority which also heard a lot of criticism during tropical storm irene last year
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blames factors outside its control. meanwhile, new jersey residents should get a bit of a relief at the pumps. gas rationing orders across the state will be lifted tomorrow morning. the head of montgomery county school system says he wants to see changes in the way things work in the classroom. dr. joshua starr gave his first state of the school's address at the stratmore in bethesda this morning. he said the school system is doing well but needs to get away from programs that place too much emphasis on standardized tests. he also said he wants students to be challenged more than they have before. >> i want our students to read a lot. read well. and i want them to love to read. i want our students to complete algebra i by eighth grade and take four years of rigorous mathematics in high school. >> dr. starr wants community and business leaders to get 1r068d in the schools and provide the students with real-world experiences. when we come right back on news4 at 5:00, meatless ndays.
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one city's push to cut out the fat one day at a time. using a tablet computer may improve some people's vision
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another study about autism, this time it shows that the risk
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for autism may -- may be higher in children whose mothers had the flu or a fever for more than a week while they were pregnant. this is a danish study where researchers looked at files of nearly 97,000 children born between '97 and 2003. kids whose mothers had the flu or a fever for a week while they were pregnant had at least twice the risk of being diagnosed with autism before the age of 3. doctors say the best protection, get your flu shot. los angeles residents are being encouraged to put less meat on the plate. and that's raising complaints. the city council adopted a resolution suggesting that residents observe meatless mondays to reduce the intake of saturated fats. that's a nationwide campaign for people to voluntarily avoid eating meat one day a week. the american meat institute called the effort irresponsible. it says if the council was really concerned about nutrition, it would host more veggie monday. tablet computers are a great
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way to stay up to date while we're on the go. a new study says using the devices could actually help people with chronic vision problems. erica edwards explains why. >> reporter: electronic tablets like the ipad may help improve reading ability for people with macular degeneration and similar vision problems. >> it doesn't make the blind see, but it makes it more comfortable, gives a little edge. >> reporter: dr. daniel roth in new jersey explained that the macula is the part of the eye we use when we look at something directly to read it. but this is what the world can look like with a damaged macula, a big hole in the field of vision. reading is extremely difficult. >> the patients would often complain that they don't have enough light, and they would try and get better lighting in the room, or have some light on the page. >> reporter: because electronic tablets are backlit, the light comes directly from the source. they can adjust the font size and brightness to sharpen
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letters and images. compared with reading a book or newspaper -- >> the ipad has at least a 15 words per minute increase reading speed which is significa significant. >> reporter: it may lead to tired eyes, many experts say there's no evidence reading from screens can damage eyes further. erica edwards, nbc news. we hope you enjoy today because the weather's about to go south on us. >> and it is now becoming almost later in november, so that's about normal, huh? >> that's about right. yeah, temperatures over the last couple of days have been very, very warm, after a 10 to 12-day period of well-below average temperatures. the last three days have been very nice. high today so far 72. that is 13 degrees above average. tomorrow, how about 13 degrees below average. as we look outside right now, you can see a nice shot of the monuments this evening. temperatures sitting at 67 degrees at the airport. winds out of the south at 12 miles per hour. it's the southerly wind we've
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seen over the past couple of days to help us get nice and warm. 71 yesterday. 72 today. just gorgeous. 67 degrees right now. actually, 66 in gaithersburg, 66 in leesburg, 70 in culpepper and still 72 down towards fredericksburg. it's going to be a very warm night tonight. it started the evening for a concern. notice right along the blue ridge here, seeing a little bit of that, so don't expect to see everybody on the dry side. you may need the umbrellas out here and the windshield wipers just a little bit if you're heading out on 66. but i think for the most part this evening will be dry. the rain will move in overnight tonight. it's a lot of rain, too. the cold front making its way in. you can tell there's cold air here when you have snow changing to snow on the back side of the cold front. that's not going to be what happens for us. wee won't see any snow for our area. but what we'll see is the combination of fairly strong winds and some fairly heavy rain just during our morning rush. tomorrow morning, not looking
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good at all. look at these numbers ahead of the front. 67 in washington. 60 in boston. 71 in raleigh. and 34 right now in chicago. 39 in cincinnati. that's the cold air that's going to be filtering on in overnight. by tomorrow morning, you are really going to notice a change. once again, nice and warm ahead of it. but here comes the wind and here comes the cold. one of the coldest air masses so far this season. that cold front moves through fairly quickly tomorrow. but once again, it will bring us some rain early in the morning. and this cold air will most likely become more cool air on wednesday. temperatures still about five to ten degrees below average. but the winds will begin to die down. this is going to be a typical late fall, early winter type of day as we move into the middle of the week. this evening, mostly cloudy, rain moving in. most likely around 10:00, 11:00 tonight. rather breezy. 57 to 63 degrees. tomorrow morning, rain likely. some heavy. rather windy and cold. 37 to 42 degrees. winds, sustained winds 15 to 25
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miles an hour. let's break down tomorrow morning for you even more as you make your way into work. this will be the tough part. areas of rain heavy at times. strong gusty winds, gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour. tomorrow morning, between, say, 5:00 and 9:00 a.m. when you're heading to work or kids are heading to school, you'll need the um brem las, and probably need to pick the coats back out of the closet and likely delays especially on the roadways. you may want to give yourself extra time tomorrow morning. it's looking nasty. tomorrow afternoon, we do get a little bit better. clouds and rain early. afternoon sunshine. rather windy and chilly. high temperatures only in the upper 40s. and windchills in the low 40s all day long with the winds gusting to 35 miles an hour in the afternoon. tomorrow's going to be a very chilly day. we stay chilly wednesday and thursday. temperatures five to ten degrees below average. many of you will stay in the 40s. i'm going 51 on tuesday. or rather 51 on wednesday in the city, 52 on thursday. friday coming in at 54 degrees.
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notice those 30s for overnight lows. many of you will be in the upper 20s in some of the suburbs. it stays chilly for this weekend. and guess what, guys, we're talking about another potential coastal storm on sunday. >> what? >> and monday. it seems like they won't stop. but another potential coastal storm coming up this weekend. not looking too strong -- >> a nor'easter? >> yeah, as a matter of fact, yeah. >> i mean, like what we had the other day? >> this is what we're watching. we're still six to seven days out. but the winds on this thing could once again pile water up in places we don't need to see it along the jersey shore, and up towards new york. another round potentially for them. right now, we'll keep our eyes on it for you. >> we know you will. doug, thank you. coming up next on news4 at 5:00 tonight, backstabbing, rumor starters, workplace bullies, how local lawmakers are working on a plan to protect workers from getting pushed around. local kids in virginia get special visitors as they learn about veterans day.
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coming up in sports tonight, the cooley report is back from the bye. what the tight end has to say about the big game against the eagles. later at 6:00, dramatic flooding in venice, italy. 80% of that city is under water.
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the redskins are regrouping
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on this pi week. trying to get their act together a little bit. dan is with chris cooley at chris' house. hi, guys. >> hello, wendy. yeah, the home of the cooley report this monday. the redskins have a week off and try to regroup after a big, big dich divisional game with the philadelphia eagles. i guess i can say you're a little refreshed. what did you do on the bye week? >> i worked out. i know it was nice for a lot of the guys. i think a lot of guys had a nice week off. for a young team playing nine games in a row without a bye is very, very hard. so guys took a little bit of  time and maybe worked out a little bit. but came back and i thought we had a very good practice today. >> let the bodies kind of regenerate a little bit, get in better shape. in terms of the biggest area of concern, and it seems like there are many with a team that is 3-6 this time of year, my opinion would be obviously the
5:24 pm
secondary. too many big plays. how do you remedy that situation if you are a defensive coach? put yourself in their mind for a minute, with the talent that you have in the secondary right now. >> i think it's been so frustrating for this team, and the fan base, to give up all these big plays. there's got to be a way for us to create pressure, to watch the game, they haven't created a lot of pressure throughout the year. last couple of weeks gave up more big plays. i think earlier in the year they did a good enough job remedying it with turnovers. they scored points, created turnovers. but we have not created any turnovers the last two weeks. if you can get a little bit more pressure, and hopefully create a couple more turnovers, i think that helps it out. obviously you don't want to give up the big plays. >> but turnovers obviously help the situation a bunch. this once high-powered offense sputtered the last couple of games. combined for just 25 points. obviously running the ball has not been an issue. robert a huge help, because he
5:25 pm
can do things with his feet a few other quarterbacks can't. he is still a seventh ranked rusher in the nfl. but where is the help going to come from in the passing game? you guys obviously don't have pierre. he practiced a little bit today. no word on whether he's going to be back or not. >> it's amazing, last week, we had only two drives in the first half. and they were 18 plays, and 16 plays. we had the ball the entire first half. we just have to find a way to finish and score. i don't think we were that inefficient. we were pretty consistent until we got to the red zone. we've talked a lot about playmakers, stepping up to make plays. i think that's what great football teams do is they lean on their big playmakers to make big plays for them. we've got to continue to catch the ball a little bit better. and hopefully the big plays will come like they did earlier in the season. >> all right. cooley's return, numberswise. dismal, two games, two losses, no catches. are you glad you came back?
5:26 pm
>> i'm ecstatic that i came back. it was the one thing i wanted to do is come back. it's been a good step back into football for me. and the way i've looked at it is, it's an amazing opportunity for me to be a part of this team. i want to do whatever it takes for us to be better. and i can't complain. maybe i could go in and gripe a little bit. but i just think that's out of place. for me, it's about showing them that i'm capable of doing what they need. and maybe helping out as much as i can. maybe coaching a little bit as far as logan and the other guys go. but i feel very confident in my ability to play. i feel better after being back for a couple of weeks and hopefully build my way into the offense. >> i know that's one thing that logan said. i asked if it was weird that he was catching more balls than you were, and that's a total role reversal from a couple of years ago. he said having him here to help me i've really appreciated.
5:27 pm
we'll talk about michael vick, who is likely not to be playing for the eagles against the redskins this week. is that a good thing or a bad thing because the eagles with mike vick have not played too well. >> we want to know, is that the cooley man cave where you are right now? it's kind of like a little cavern in there. >> i can't hear anything. you decided not to let -- >> oh, that's sometimes a good thing. because he never stops talking. is this the cooley man cave down here is what they want to know. >> this is the unused basement. >> pretty good, huh? >> thank you, guys. see you in a bit. next at 5:30, new details this evening about the teenager arrested for the murder of a taxi driver. and northern virginia children get a firsthand account today about honoring veterans. hey, look! a shooting star!
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tonight a 19-year-old man is in police custody after allegedly threatening to shoot people on the rockville campus of montgomery college. this is exclusive video of officers coming up, taking him into custody for questioning. we have the wrong video there, we apologize. this is the video we were talking about. school officials in montgomery say that he told others he wanted to shoot people for fun. they say it appeared to stem from a relationship falling apart. no one was hurt. and no weapons were ever found. metro has added trains, but riders could still face some delays for the commute home.
5:31 pm
passengers reported problems with overcrowding, sparse service during the morning rush. the transit system is operating on a saturday schedule because of veterans day. there's also track work. a deadly crash in frederick county. state police tell us two people are dead tonight, three others were hurt in this crash on route 75 in monrovia. investigators believe a tractor-trailer rounded a sharp curve and overturned here onto a pickup truck. part of route 75 remains closed. senior members of congress are raising questions about why they were not informed earlier about the fbi investigation uncovering the affair that ended the cia career of retired general david petraeus. fast forward to the changing weather. >> the changing weather, get out and enjoy the warmth right now. although many of you have been saying keep the cool weather here. ll, mother nature listening to some of you, because here it comes. not just cool weather, but cold weather. you'll wake up to a much
5:32 pm
different air mass tomorrow morning. the radar showing we do have the rain making its way toward portions of west virginia and southwestern virginia. and a few showers along the blue ridge. behind this front, ahead of it, veryarm air. but behind this front, look at the temperature. it is 69 right now in morgantown, west virginia. just about 100 miles away in columbus, ohio, it is now 37. a 32-degree temperature difference. that's where many of us will wake up tomorrow morning, as this cold front continues to move through this area. get ready, it's coming. new developments tonight in the murder of a d.c. cab driver last week. court documents show a teen couple needed money, and they were willing to kill to get it. news4's darcy spencer is live outside d.c. superior court with disturbing details of this case. darcy? >> reporter: jim, according to these court documents, witnesses came forward after the teenage girl allegedly talked about committing the crime. now, when detectives talked to
5:33 pm
her she apparently pinned the whole thing on her boyfriend whom she said she had only been seeing for six days. according to charging documents, the 17-year-old charged in the shooting death of a d.c. cab driver had only been dating less than a week when they killed a cabby. a witness came forward to police after one of the suspects, linda bury, told the witness, my boyfriend and i killed a cab driver. records show the baltimore county girl watched a news story about the incident online with another witness, and showed the witness a bruise on her leg. she allegedly said she was hurt when the cab crashed in the 1400 block wednesday night. the taxi went up in flames. an autopsy revealed the cabbie identified as quader mohammed died from a gunshot wound to the head. they were staying here at a motel 6 here in washington. they realized they were running low on money and allegedly hatched the plan to commit a
5:34 pm
robbery. she said her boyfriend and co-defendant joshua mebone said somebody has got to get it, because we need the money. the driver wouldn't live to see the end of the shift. they had the cabbie drive them here, when bury told detectives mebone took a handgun from a handbag and shot the cabbie in the back of the head. the car accelerated into some trees. bordering gallaudet university. records show detectives found a pair of jeans bury wore the night of the murder. a note said, we should have took the dude's money. charging documents also indicate during a search of mebone's residence they found a gun, but
5:35 pm
it's unclear whether that gun was the weapon. darcy spencer, news4. there's a new push for information about a fairfax county girl found dead in baltimore four years ago. the parents of 16-year-old annie mccann increased the reward they're offering to $15,000. and they've launched this new website, justice for it features a photo of their daughter and details they got about the case. she ran away from home in '08, and found dead of an apparent drug overdose. police have said all the evidence so far suggests it was a suicide, but her parents believe the case was not handled properly. and they're urging police to relaunch their investigation. more disabled veterans are trying to find a job and they're facing real difficulties in this economy. plus a lot of them do not have the skills to properly compete for jobs. a program called warrior bridge is operating in our area providing a broad range of services that help vets write
5:36 pm
their resumes and do well in interviews. the program is operated by service source, which has been helping people with disabilities for 40 years. >> in this area, that is so dense with veterans with disabilities getting out of the military, there's a huge gap of them getting out and employment. a lot of companies have employment initiatives to hire veterans. our job is to bridge the gap between the veterans coming out of the vas, and the employers. >> costanza said he helped dozens of veterans find jobs in the past few months but there's a waiting list for the service. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey shows us thanks to technology, two students got to spend part of the day with their dad serving in afghanistan. >> reporter: these students are
5:37 pm
on quite the veterans day field trip. with the help of a web conferencing app they traveled 7,000 miles to kandahar, afghanistan, to spend time with colonel mike olson, the parent of two students. >> i wear one uniform for one week. >> reporter: the tradition of inviting in relatives or service members on veterans day started about four years ago. and this year, when lieutenant olson's name came up as a representative for the sixth grade, the fact that he was in afghanistan didn't deter them. with a third grade daughter and fifth grader and wife sarah watching along, they took the kids along on a slide tour he created for his life in afghanistan. >> on the right-hand side you can see i've got my bed. >> reporter: a bed in a very small stark room, except for this wall. covered with artwork sent by his third grader's classmates. they got to see the dining hall
5:38 pm
and vehicle. then they got to ask questions. >> my name is ashley. do you ever see the action, or the other men fighting? >> reporter: colonel olson explained his current job currently keeps him in his office but sometimes the action comes to him. >> the taliban like to fire rockets onto the airfield. the good news is, they're not very good shots. >> reporter: for olson's daughters, the long-distance chat made it a memorable veterans day. >> i was really happy because it's so unusual we get to see him on the week day. because we really only see him on the weekend. >> i was happy, because most of my friends haven't seen him since the last time he left. >> reporter: that was back in june. but he's been away before for 14 months at a time in five deployments. sarah olson says giving the students a chance to spend time with her husband made this an especially meaningful veterans day. >> i hope that they kind of able were to get the personal feel. it's very inspiring to see what
5:39 pm
the men and women in uniform do on a daily basis. >> reporter: in fairfax county, julie carey, news4. we have our own long-distance chat coming up at 6:00. why it took decades for one man to finally receive his silver star on veterans day.
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5:42 pm
a long overdue honor today for one of our nation's veterans. 45 years later, henry beck received a silver star today for his service in vietnam. beck was part of a team that came under sniper attack when they dropped into the country from a helicopter. he quickly killed two of the snipers and saved their lives. the military says a paperwork error forced beck to wait this long to get his silver star. a comeback at the kennedy center. the theater lab reopens tonight after a five-month and $7 million renovation. to kick things off, there is a free music and poetry performance that starts at 6:00, in about 15 minutes. there's seats, not benches anymore. it was designed to give the audience a more intimate experience. it's one of seven theaters in the kennedy center.
5:43 pm
the long-running production "shear madness" will continue its runs in the lab. steven colbert has been tapped to speak at the university of virginia next year. that's in may. during the ceremony, the members of the class of 2013 will present the class gift and university awards. and will pay tribute to their time at the school. colbert's wife, evelyn colbert, graduated from the college of arts and sciences. coming up next, a quadruple amputee serves in iraq and afghanistan, is given keys to a smart home. tackling bullying in the workplace. there are not just children who are bullied. our special report heading your
5:44 pm
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5:46 pm
on this veterans day a virginia man who served in iraq and afghanistan is getting a gift that will change his life. he returned from war with serious physical challenges. news4's chris gordon shows us how a new smart house will make a big difference. >> reporter: an explosion left john peck a quadruple amputee. here's sergeant peck getting his first look at the smart home built near fredericksburg, virginia, specifically for the physical challenges he faces. >> i lost some parts of me, but my gratitude and my attitude will never change, this will actually wrig lly brighten up m. every day i go to work i can come home and be like, ah, this is my house. >> at one point someone had said john might have lost his arms
5:47 pm
and his legs but he has not lost his heart. and that is very true. >> reporter: sergeant peck chose to have his new home built here in chancellorsville. this land haerkens back to the civil war battles. the house was designed by the tunnel-to-towers foundation which grew out of the tragedy of 9/11. it's dedicated to the memory of fallen firefighters stephen siller, its mission to build high-tech homes for military heroes who have been grievously injured. >> what this will do is actually control the lighting, the tvs, the home automation, cabinetry, temperature, everything that we have included in the house to make john's life a little bit more comfortable. every touch panel is programmed to work every room in the house. the faucet is designed he can work it from here rather than putting it in the traditional spot. we put it here so he can control this with his prosthetic arm.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: hector castro raised more than $75,000 at a benefit in memory of his son a.j. who was killed in afghanistan. and he designated it all to building sergeant peck's smart home. >> tried to make something positive out of a negative. and honor his memory. >> reporter: this is one of two smart homes tunnel-to-towers dedicated this veterans day. the other given to a paralyzed vet in jefferson city, missouri, heroes who sacrificed in service to country. chris gordon, news4. right now, the tunnel-to-towers foundation has nine more houses under construction. incredible work they do. all controlled from a tablet. >> it's amazing. >> salute to sergeant peck. get ready for a cooldown. steve meteorologist doug kammerer is here to tell us about the temperatures that are going to be collapsing. >> i've got some friends. you notice what they're wearing right now? they've got on the short sleeved shirts. not going to be doing the short-sleeved shirts tonight. kay den wants to be a
5:49 pm
meteorologist when he grows up. they went to the zoo today. the weather, phenomenal. tomorrow, the weather not so good. he's wondering if hee's going to be able to make it home before the rain starts. you'll be okay. there you are right there, by the way, on television. you see yourself there? 67 degrees the current temperature out there right now. here, you want to stand with your mom and dad right now? all right. i know. i would like them to -- you can stand right here the whole time if you want. 67 at college park. 65 at huntingtown. bristol, back down to manassas, temperature there around 68 degrees. that's where they'll be driving a little bit later. they should make it no problem, the rain is still far back to the west. look where it is right now through culpepper county down to the south and west. i do expect to see showers making its way toward the region. if you're west of i-95, the rain starting to move in. it will most likely get here at 9:00, 10:00 tonight. the heaviest rain is what we'll see early tomorrow morning. watch out for that.
5:50 pm
temperatures overnight falling to 47 in washington, 43 in frederick, 43 in martinsburg. early tomorrow morning some of you will be if the upper 30s back to the west. tomorrow, high temperatures only 48 in gaithersburg, only 49 today. we were at 72 yesterday. so 49 degrees tomorrow. it's going to feel a heck of a lot colder. as far as the rain is concerned, here we are around midnight. we're starting to see some of the heavier rain here. by tomorrow morning your rush hour, some of the heaviest rain. with nearly half an inch falling. also 30 to 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts. i'll give you the complete forecast at of 6:00. did i do all right? it is true we often hear about kids being bullied at schools, but what about being pushed around at the workplace. angie goff reports. >> everybody hears about children bullied at school. little bullies grow up to be big
5:51 pm
bullies. i hung in there, i hung in there and it made me so sick i couldn't hang in there anymore. >> reporter: she was working at a rehabilitation center when she says she became a target of workplace bullying. she says a backhanded comments and backstabbing by her boss were unbelievable. >> asking your team members not to talk to you anymore. not to socialize with you. that's a perfect example. >> reporter: advocates say susan is one in six american workers with targeted abuse. workplace bullying can be anything from repeated verbal abuse, threats or sabotage, preventing someone from getting work done. the director of the workplace bullying institute calls it an epidemic. >> our statistics shows it affects 35% of adult americans. that's 54 million americans in the work force. >> reporter: he leads the campaign to enact the healthy workplace bill. introduced in 21 states, including maryland, the bill defines and makes it illegal to
5:52 pm
bully at work. jamie introduced it in 2011. it never made it out of committee, but he has hope. >> i think it's a cultural process we're going to go through. to arrive at the idea that people have a right to a work environment where they're not being bullied. >> reporter: if passed, this legislation would give businesses the power to fire offenders. raskin says he hopes someone the sponsor the bill. you can seek lost wages and benefits. for susan, passage would mean a bigger payoff. victims not afraid to use their voice. >> they'll be able to speak up faster. they won't think twice about going to human resources. and getting the problem looked at from day one. >> reporter: angie goff, news4. let's take a look at the stories trending online today.
5:53 pm
no. david, no. no. david, no, no. >> she makes some good points, david. >> recognize that? ann hathaway had her third go this weekend. in addition to taking on homeland, she also did with summer calling. a spot-on impression of katie holmes. she went in for this all-digital short. this was stupid funny. okay. it's a new dance called the sloppy swish. >> no, you should be -- >> james bond "sky falls" made a franchise record $88 million in the first weekend in the u.s. the third installment starring daniel craig as bond. outperformed "quantum of solace." >> justin bieber was seen
5:54 pm
talking to her last week. she posted this picture of the night. over the weekend they confirmed bieber and selina gomez broke up. when someone asked if she still had a boyfriend she tweeted yes. coming up next, a group of veterans take pride in helping sandy victims get back on their feet. this story tonight at 6:00. the university student charged with stabbing and killing her roommate in this dorm last year. tracee wilkins, coming up, we talk with students on this campus about how that murder changed this school. planning a run to the outlets for holiday gifts? i'm liz crenshaw. the deals and don't about shopping tonight news4 at 11:00.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a team of veterans all over the country pitched in to help victims from hurricane sandy. >> a report from queens. >> reporter: before fema and the american red cross came to this ocean-torn peninsula, a group was already on the ground helping those who thought they were all alone. people like jennifer. >> it's been brutal. we lost everything we're just
5:58 pm
taking it day by day. >> reporter: it brought hope as groups check in on people and in jennifer's case, help rebuild her home. >> they don't know me. they just want to help. it's just really very, very heart warming. >> reporter: the not for profit organization comprised of veterans all over the country arrived after sandy, and turned this domestic war zone into their command post. from here, they welcomed the displaced. >> i call them my 12 angels. >> reporter: as well as the thousands of volunteers who flood these streets and who they then dispatch to the front lines. >> what we try to do is utilize our resources, and make the most of what we can. >> reporter: a war vet and firefighter aided the victims at haiti's earthquake, sandy is his biggest effort to date. >> our veterans are here to serve, whether overseas or at home. we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate veterans day than out here, americans helping americans after a disaster.
5:59 pm
that's what it's all about. >> reporter: today over 100 vets are in the rockaways, while homeowners are quick to say thank you. veterans with ptsd, like john, say thank you right back. >> definitely that therapeutic part, it gives us that fulfillment to give back to the community. >> reporter: jennifer's home is one of 120 ruby con has reached so far. you can tell by the american flags they've placed outside, a symbol of the sacrifices they have made and the new foundations these vets now build. right now, the affair that took down david petraeus. tonight there are new questions about why it took so long to release the details of an fbi investigation. a threat to shoot up people at montgomery college lands a student in police custody tonight. the last few days we've seen temperatures in the 70s, but by this time tomorrow there will be drastic changes in the weather. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen

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